Level Funding with EBSOComplete

The Advantages of Self-Funding for Small Employer Groups

A level funded plan is a partially self-funded plan that gives qualifying employer groups the best of all worlds. It is easy to set up, simple for the employer to operate and designed to help manage the future risks and costs of health care.

Offers the Potential for Savings

  • An employer pays a set amount each month to fund the plan.
  • Part of the monthly payment is used to pay fixed costs such as stop loss insurance premiums and administrative fees and part is used to pay claims up to the employer’s funding limit.
  • Unlike insurance, if claims do not exceed the amount funded by the employer, the unspent claim funds are retained in the employer’s claim account.
  • In any given month, if actual claims exceed the cumulative amount funded by the employer for the year-to-date, stop loss insurance funds the claims that exceed the employer’s funding limit.


Enjoy Greater Flexibility

EBSOComplete provides employers with the plan design and flexibility to meet the needs of any covered group – freedom that simply can’t be achieved in a fully insured environment. If monthly reports identify factors impacting claim costs, plan designs can be modified and cost control strategies can be implemented.

Is EBSOComplete Right for You?

Employer groups with 25 or more employees can now take advantage of all the benefits larger companies have enjoyed for years! To receive more information on Level Funding, or EBSOComplete, contact EBSO or talk to your broker today.


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